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Chairman of Memon Khidmat Forum, Haji Masood Parekh, and Senior Vice Chairman of Memon Khidmat Forum and Chairman of Polani Group, Muhammad Yahya Polani, visited the Karachi Press Club and met with its officials. During their visit, they discussed various issues and expressed their commitment to supporting the club and its members.

President of Karachi Press Club, Saeed Sarbazi, and Secretary Shoaib Ahmed, briefed the distinguished guests on the club’s projects and the healthcare facilities available to its members. They highlighted the challenges media workers face in meeting their basic needs amidst rising inflation and the lack of support from the government and media organizations. They emphasized the club’s efforts to provide essential facilities to its members and the need for continued support from well-wishers and benefactors.

The officials informed that the Karachi Press Club has established a dispensary, dental clinic, and diagnostic center to provide medical facilities to its members and their families. Despite these efforts, they acknowledged the need to expand these facilities and improve access to healthcare for their members.

Chairman Haji Masood Parekh thanked the club officials for the invitation and assured them of their support. He stated that Memon Khidmat Forum understands the issues faced by the journalist community and is committed to addressing their healthcare needs. Muhammad Yahya Polani expressed his solidarity with the Karachi Press Club, emphasizing his dedication to resolving the challenges faced by journalists.

The visit concluded with Saeed Sarbazi and Shoaib Ahmed presenting souvenirs to the esteemed guests, marking a step forward in strengthening the relationship between the Karachi Press Club and its supporters.