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In a heartfelt gathering organized by the Karachi Press Club, prayers were offered for the souls of recently departed members Ameen Rajput and Tanveer Beg, as well as other esteemed members who passed away in recent days. The condolence event, held at Ibrahim Jalees Hall, was attended by a large number of club members and their families.

The prayer ceremony included supplications for the forgiveness of Club members Ameen Rajput and Tanveer Beg, as well as others including relatives of Mazhar Ajaz, Bhabhi of Mazhar Ajaz, wife of Usman Ghani, mother of Muhammad Shahid Usman, mother of Dr. Shahid, aunt of Hafiz Baloch, sister of Javed Sadiqi, aunt of Maimona Sadiqi, grandfather of Waseem Safdar, son of Zahid Ghaffar, mother of Nazish Ayaz, mother of Ali Sher (Mansoor Khokhar), grandfather of Muhammad Mansaf, mother of Abdul Aziz, uncle of Syed Nabeel Akhtar, nephew of photographer Nauman Nizami, brother of Health Committee Secretary Tafail Ahmed, wife of Abid Ali Syed, wife of Sardar Qureshi, father of DG Press and Information Sindh Salim Khan, brother of Qazi Saraj and uncle of Asim Ashraf, all deceased persons were remembered and prayers were offered for their forgiveness.

The prayer ceremony was attended by President Karachi Press Club Saeed Sarbazi, Secretary Shoaib Ahmed, Member Governing Body Shams Kerio, Shoaib Ahmed Jang, former Secretary Maqsood Yusufi, former Secretary Aamir Latif, Rizwan Bhatti, Saeed Jan Baloch, Abdul Majid, Zuhal Fakhar Rajpar, Asif Tanoli, Malik Aftab Hussain, Tawqeer Chaghtai, Abbas Mahdi and other club members.

Renowned religious scholar and orator Maulana Sanaullah Rahman expressed condolences to the families of the deceased and prayed for their forgiveness. Prior to this, Maulana Sanaullah Rahman spoke on the subject of death, stating that the world is a temporary abode and death is an inevitable reality from which there is no escape. He emphasized the need to prepare for real life while in this temporary existence.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the President and Secretary of Karachi Press Club expressed gratitude to all members and their families for attending.