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Phil Ramos: The Purpose of My Visit to Pakistan is to Improve U.S.-Pakistan Relations

Deputy Speaker of the New York State Assembly: We are Concerned When Relations Between Pakistan and the U.S. Deteriorate

Saeed Sarbazi and Shoaib Ahmed: Friendly Relations Between Pakistan and the U.S. are Crucial for International Peace

Deputy Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Phil Ramos, emphasized the importance of strong U.S.-Pakistan relations during his visit to the Karachi Press Club. Accompanied by a delegation, Ramos expressed his concern over any strain in the bilateral relationship and highlighted the aim of his visit to strengthen ties between the two nations. He noted that Pakistani Americans wish for better conditions in Pakistan.

Ramos was joined by Eric Brook, a member of the Brooklyn Assembly, Dr. Ijaz Ahmed, Chairman of AP PAK, and board members including President Imtiaz Rahi. The delegation was warmly received by Saeed Sarbazi, President of Karachi Press Club, Secretary Shoaib Ahmed, Governing Body member Shams Kerio, Noor Muhammad Kalahoro, Shoaib Khan, Rana Javed, and other officials. Also present were PFUJ President Afzal Butt, PFUJ (Dastoor) Secretary AH Khanzada, former Secretary of Karachi Press Club Arman Sabir, and other notable members.

Welcoming the guests, Sarbazi and Ahmed underscored the significance of visits from delegations of friendly countries. They highlighted the Karachi Press Club’s role as a symbol of democracy and freedom of expression in Pakistan, especially during authoritarian regimes. They asserted that robust U.S.-Pakistan relations are vital for global peace and that increased cooperation across various sectors could mark the beginning of a new journey.

Phil Ramos expressed gratitude for the warm reception and hospitality, noting that people-to-people connections at the bilateral level could significantly improve relations. He pointed out that the budget of New York State is equivalent to Pakistan’s annual budget, and during his visit, a sister state resolution was passed with the governments of Punjab and Sindh. Ramos also emphasized the need for professional cooperation, stating that New York has a shortage of nurses and pharmacists, while Pakistan produces highly trained professionals in these fields. He advocated for Pakistani professionals to work in the U.S., enhancing bilateral cooperation in education and health, which could stabilize the relationship over time.

Opposition Leader of the New York State Assembly, Alec Brook-Krasny, reiterated the desire for collaboration in education, health, and trade sectors with Pakistan. Imtiaz Rahi, President of AP PAK, highlighted that Pakistani Americans want to see improvements in Pakistan’s conditions and that resources and opportunities at home would reduce the need to go abroad. He shared the collective concern over any deterioration in U.S.-Pakistan relations.

This visit by the New York State Assembly delegation signifies a strong commitment to enhancing bilateral ties and addressing mutual concerns for the benefit of both nations.