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In collaboration with MedTech, the Skills Development Committee of the Karachi Press Club recently organized a one-day training workshop on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for journalists. Held at the press club, the event aimed to equip media professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage AI tools in their work.

The workshop featured prominent speakers including Saeed Sarbazi, President of the Karachi Press Club, Shoaib Ahmed, Secretary of the Press Club, and Hizbullah Memon, Director of Films and Documentaries at the Sindh Information Department. Arman Sabir, Head of MedTech, senior member and trainer Rizwan Awan, and Saqib Sagheer, Secretary of the Skills Development Committee, also shared their insights.

A diverse group of participants, including members from electronic and print media, social media influencers, and YouTubers, attended the workshop. Rizwan Awan highlighted the rapid growth of AI in the media industry, emphasizing its potential to enhance journalistic capabilities while saving time. He urged media professionals to integrate AI tools to meet their objectives effectively.

Saeed Sarbazi remarked on the importance of keeping press club members updated with the latest technological advancements through such workshops. Shoaib Ahmed expressed gratitude to the participants and trainers, reiterating the club’s commitment to equipping journalists with modern skills to tackle contemporary challenges. Hizbullah Memon shared his long-standing association with the Karachi Press Club, noting his 35 years of service at the Sindh Information Department. He emphasized the necessity for journalists to adapt to technological advancements to stay relevant and effective.

Arman Sabir assured continued efforts in organizing similar workshops for journalists and content creators. The event concluded with a Q&A session, and participants were awarded certificates. Trainers and guests received commemorative shields as tokens of appreciation.

The AI workshop at the Karachi Press Club was a significant step towards empowering journalists with the tools to thrive in the digital age. It showcased the club’s dedication to fostering skills development and staying abreast of technological trends, ensuring that media professionals are well-prepared for the future.